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Saputra Global Harvest (SGH) is an Indonesian company engaged in agriculture, fisheries, and animal husbandry located in Jakarta, which has been established since 2011 after Conducted long research from 1993.

SGH discovered 2 technologies that we have patented and has been proven effectively, which are technology of Essential Nutrient formation and technology of coal-based fertilizers.

The usage of essential nutrient formation technology has been proven to improve the performance of plant and animal cells. Likewise, the technology of coal-based fertilizer has been proven to be able to fulfil the needs of plants because this fertilizer has a very complete elements that needed by the plants.

Using these technologies as mentioned, has been proven to be able to increase production or crop yield, reduce chemical usage and improve environmental health and commodity itself, which is significantly in all sector as mentioned above.


Saputra Technology

Conventional agricultural practices that using chemicals continuously is a systematic error. This practice causes an imbalance of soil nutrient, which in turn causes damaging soil and microorganisms. This condition causes decreasing in quantity and quality of crop yield.

Essential Nutrient contains amino acids, fatty acids, mono saccharides, oligosaccharides, vitamins, and minerals which needed by all living creatures. With this nutrient the plant's metabolic system will be more effective and efficient, so the production will be increased. For instance, yield production is determined by chlorophyll, while the formation of chlorophyll is needed glutamic acid which is one of amino acids or essential nutrients.

Coal is the result of decomposition of plants which become fossils, so it contains complete elements which needed by plants. Thus, the combination of essential nutrient and coal fertilizer is the answer to the problem caused by conventional agricultural practises, such as: increase yield production, reduce chemical usage, improve & maintain soil fertilizer, keeping all living microorganism, eco-friendly and sustainable.

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